Hannes' ToS

1. Definitions.

The terms mentioned hereafter in this Terms of Service refer to the definitions and expressions mentioned subsequent to this section, accompanied by their respective meanings.

I) “Seller” refers to the user “Hannes” on the site “mc-market.org” and any and all other sites in which the user is listed. Other terms may include “provider”, “creator” and “distributing party”. They are not limited to these terms.

II) “You”, “buyer” and “receiving party” refers to the person purchasing material from the seller.

III) “Artwork” refers to any and all material sold by the seller as it pertains to the service offered. Other meanings that may be included are “material”, “packages” and “items”.

2. Payment and the handling of payment.

I) The buyer is under no circumstances allowed to chargeback on the service in which they have received. Any and all attempts to do so may result in a scam report, PayPal dispute or any other actions deemed necessary at the discretion of the seller. The buyer acknowledges that refunds will not be given.

II) By purchasing from the seller, you acknowledge that late payment will result in an extra $2.50 USD per day late. If the seller has begun work on your order, and the deal is cancelled due to the fault of the buyer, you acknowledge that a fee of $7.50 USD will be charged as compensation.

III) Payment is required in full before the seller is to begin work on the buyer’s order.

IV) Edits to the product are free for twenty-four (24) hours after the final preview of the material has been sent. Any and all minor edits hereafter will result in a $2.50 USD fee, and bigger edits will be accompanied with a fee of $5. The price charged, and differentiation between the two is at the discretion of the seller.

V) Payments are to be made in PayPal or BitCoin only.

3. Legal.

I) It is acknowledged and understood by the buyer that any and all legal disputes are to be handled according to Finnish law. Before any legal disputes are taken to courts of law, mediation and/or settlements must first be attempted. Lawyers’ fees in any and all lawsuits are to be paid off by the loser of the case.

II) The seller takes no responsibility for the plagiarism of any material by another person(s) or server once the work has been finished. However, it is strictly prohibited that anyone redistribute, copy, edit or otherwise alter the work and claim it as theirs; this includes passing it to other artists as ‘reference’. The seller is to be named if anybody asks for the material’s creator. The seller hereby reserves any and all rights to use any and all created materials as they see fit, and at their discretion, without forewarning, notice or permission. The seller owns full ownership rights over the material even though it has been sold to the buyer.

III) The seller is allowed to, at any point, deny service as seen fit without reason, justification or forewarning.

IV) By using the service, you acknowledge that any and all orders pending will be cancelled in the event of a scam report or other legal dispute. The latest sketch sent will be the final product.

V) The seller will not be held accountable for any deals agreed or carried out through imposter accounts.

VI) The seller reserves any and all rights to change, alter, edit or otherwise modify these Terms at any time without forewarning, notice, justification or reason.

4. Duration and waiver.

I) These Terms last for the length in which the seller is in business, unless otherwise stated by them.

II) A waiver in any right, responsibility, obligation or acknowledgement will not be considered a waiver of previous or subsequent provisions.

5. Miscellaneous.

I) By using this service, you acknowledge and understand that you automatically agree to any and all provisions stated prior or subsequent to this. Should you not agree, the seller implores that you do not order from their service, as you will be held accountable to any and all breaches of these Terms.

II) The seller hereby states that clients may bump and/or ask for progress updates once per twenty four (24) hours. If this clause is violated thrice or more, the seller reserves all rights to cancel any pending orders. The latest preview sent to the buyer is the final product. They also reserve all rights to charge an extra fee of $1 USD per time.